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Steve Jobs – Condolences

I offer my deepest condolences to Steve Job’s family. To lose someone so young, especially one with young children, is a tragedy no matter how famous or obscure the person.

As a life long lover of technology, a developer, and someone who loves great design (aesthetic and functional), I am saddened by the loss of one of the premier leaders in the technological era. Humanity has lost a great innovator and hopefully Apple will continue to produce great new products even in the absence of Mr. Jobs. I say this not as a consumer of Apple products (The only Apple product I have is an iPhone 4. I primarily use Linux and Windows.), but as a lover of great technology. May his spirit forever live on as a part of Apple.


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One moment please!

While I was walking down the street, I was suddenly stopped by some dude in a suit.  He had his arms out and wouldn’t let me pass.  Unsure of his intentions,  I tried to go around him.  Except he wouldn’t let me and kept telling me "One moment please".  Confused, so I stood there wondering why I was stopped.  Suddenly, someone passed us with a group of men in suits.  I thought, that white hair man looks awfully familiar.  but it can’t be?!  can it?! 

Then Some guy waiting next to me asked the the dude in suit, "is that Mr. Clinton?"  "Yes it is."  The men in suit replied. 

Guess I just saw Clinton in person…..!  Surprised smile

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