Google Attempting to Unify Google+ and YouTube Accounts

Interesting. Google is now pushing for having people use the same name on their Google+ and on YouTube (and probably across all Google services). This would mean having your real name on YouTube. Yeah… how about no?

To expand on my decision:

1. There are simply some services that you don’t want to display your real name on. YouTube is one of them because you can potentially have an account for posting things like streamcasts and the like where you are well known based on your online handle and not your real name.

2. I already get annoyed by now the default display for YouTube is not Uploads Only. I can only imagine what would happen once Google starts integrating all their services and I suddenly get YouTube videos posted by friends showing up in on my YouTube page.

3. Or vice versa, in my Google+ page. I complained almost instantly about the lack of grouping/filtering for your stream in Google+ which got fixed like a year later (way too late, you failed Google; this is one reason why everyone just stuck with Facebook). If they do start merging services and updates, let’s just say that I don’t think they will put in any worthwhile fixes for their initial overreaching/broken implementation anytime soon. So it’s better to just tell Google to fuck off straight from the start.

4. Laws haven’t caught up with privacy in job hiring yet. So I personally avoid linking my real name to my online presence as much as I can. You never know when an employer will Google your real name in search of what you do online. Sure I can secure my public info like I painstaking do with Facebook, but really, why go through the trouble? If I just stick with an online handle, I don’t have to think about this problem at all. There are just no benefits I can see between linking the two unless you are trying to streamline your online presence.

Which takes me to why I believe Google is now making the push here. It was pretty damn obvious we’d get to this point, and it all depending on Google+’s progress. Now that they have a fairly good group of celebrities, companies, businesses, and even the government using Google+, they want to provide more “benefit” towards these groups by unifying their online presence. This will give all of their various Google service pages more visibility and make it easier to manage… for them. For the rest of us average joes, what benefit does this provide us, Google?

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Early morning goodness! 

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